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Myanmar cardinal warns of ‘catastrophe’ if China-backed dam project continues

MUMBAI, India — Myanmar’s leading prelate has cautioned that”ecological and economic catastrophes” are an opportunity if a controversial dam project endorsed by neighboring China is declared.

A Chinese-owned power company signed an agreement to construct the Myitsone dam within the Irrawaddy River at 2006, also work started three years later.

As it could flood a huge region, displacing thousands of individuals, with the majority of the advantage of the dam, the project was one of the largest in the area, but has been opposed by the people.

It has not officially been cancelled, although Back in September 2011, the government of Myanmar announced the suspension of the undertaking. Myanmar’s”State Counselor” and de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi is scheduled to visit Beijing later this month to the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, and now that there are worries China will pressure her to resume work on the dam.

About April 1, approximately 200 activists encouraged the authorities to cancel the dam and in Yangon pushed the Myitsone Project to be Terminated by the Committee.

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon about April 15 issued a letter reiterating that the appeal, stating the Myitsone dam doesn’t gain the people of Myanmar, and also encouraged the movement.

“A few weeks ago, we made a passionate plea to all the stakeholders to discontinue any effort to dam our Mother River Irrawaddy. We’re heartened by the response of the army which has promised that the opinions of the people of Myanmar will be taken into consideration from the dam issue,” the cardinal wrote.

“Yet we are deeply worried and worried. There are signs that pressure is caused by our leaders to resume the Myitsone dam. Countless stand to lose their livelihood.  Environmental and financial catastrophes are already predicted by the scientific community,” he explained.

Calling China a superpower that was”an all-weather friend to Myanmar,” Bo said the Asian giant”could add to the welfare of their millions by quitting this dam initiative and for all” and also”help our poor in many different ways.”

“Once more, with tears in our eyes, our hearts burdened with the impending dangers to millions, we beg with all stakeholders to block the dam once and for everyone. Irrawaddy is a mom to most of us. Gently annul the agreement once and for many,” the cardinal urged.

“Our army and civilian direction, we firmly believe, always keep the welfare of these poor people of Myanmar within their own plans. The sources of Myanmar belong to the people of Myanmar,” he explained.

Benedict's unfortunate letter ignores the facts on the Catholic sex abuse crisis

Why it was such a great thought to allow him to resign because pope, the essay on sexual abuse from Benedict XVI reveals. In the letter published last week, he also shows just how out of touch he is with the causes of the abuse tragedy.

Breaking through the self

MPAA Rating: PG USCCB Rating: Unrated in the time of the review Reel Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars One of my favorite adages will be”miracles occur everyday”–not because it is false, but since […]

Prophecy: 'We're in a Season for Prodigals to Come Home'

Do you have a prodigal in your lifetime? Is there a girl or a son who’s walked away from his faith in Jesus Christ? Have you been praying without stopping for a sibling, for a niece or a nephew or for a grandchild to return to their original love for the Lord?

I believe that we are currently in a year in which God is calling the prodigals to come home. I understand that I know that I understand that the Spirit is chasing down those who have been deceived and then paralyzed by the grasp of sin. We are in a”now” second since the Father is pursuing individuals who have rejected His love time after time.

If you choose to believe that God is knocking on the doors of their hearts, then have a prodigal, these are some of the ways you could partner in enabling them to turn and come home, with the Holy Spirit :

1. Love your prodigal. Reach out from real kindness and empathy so they understand they will be accepted and restored. The kindness of God leads to repentance–and it will also work for you, whether or not it works for Him. The error that many parents make is that they build such walls between their prodigals and themselves it is not possible for the one that is wandering to scale the tough wall. Keep your love ardent and your walls low!

“Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?” (Rom. 2:4, NASB).

2. Declare the Word. Ask the Holy Spirit to provide you a Scripture which you then declare within this loved one’s lifestyle. It is of vital importance to repeat God back into His ears’ expressions . Write this out verse and set it on your bathroom mirror, on the dash of your vehicle and on your kitchen cabinets. Share this verse with other people that have joined you in begging to your prodigal. We are also mentioning that the will of God when we attempted God’s Word.

“So it isn’t the will of the Father who’s in heaven that one of these little ones should perish” (Matt. 18:14, MEV).

3. Proceed to pray. Don’t ever grow weary in the arena of prayer. Prayer is the power that we have been given that enables us to partner with God. The work of your own life is going to be finished on your knees. The Lord has clearly shown me with my own prodigals, ” I do not have to”talk” more, as they can run off in my voice, but they can never escape my own prayers. So our plan is to speak less and pray more!

“That is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. If we know he hears anything we ask, we realize that we have whatever we asked of Him” (1 John 5:14-15).

4. Keep your hopes up. I’ve made the error of becoming discouraged and hopeless during the wait for a prodigal to come to their senses. But we need to daily, even hourly, so remind ourselves that nothing isn’t possible to the Lord. Nobody is beyond his reach, and no one is immune to His great compassion. So keep your hopes up and get ready for the celebration!

“So he arose and came to his father. But while he was yet far away, his father saw him and was moved with compassion, and ran and embraced his neck and kissed him” (Luke 15:20).

Forged as Carol McLeod teaches how to fight from a place of fact, not deception.

Carol McLeod is an author and speaker at women’s conferences and retreats, at which she teaches the Word of God with great pleasure and excitement. Carol enables and encourages women with practical and enthusiastic messages mixed with her own unique brand of hope and humor. She has written 10 novels, such as The Baths of a Woman’s Heart; Defiant Joy! ; Holy Estrogen! ; No Regular; Refined; Joy For All Seasons; Let There Be Joy! ; Walk the Joy, please! ; Guide Your Mind, Guard Your Heart, Grace Your Tongue; and Stormproof, which releases on March 1, 2019. Her teaching DVD, The Rooms of a Woman’s Heart, won the Telly Award, a prestigious industry award for excellence in spiritual programming. You can also listen to Carol’s”Jolt of Joy” app every day about the Charisma Podcast Network. Connect with Carol or inquire about her talking to your group at

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocks decorated Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw for not fighting terrorism enough

Here’s Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw and bartender/waitress Alexander Ocasio-Cortez

Wow, the longer AOC opens her mouth, the more I believe she has to be a kind of atomic plant. This time, a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye fighting terrorists, Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw, disagreed with Ilhan Omar, a Muslim Democrat Congresswoman. AOC decided to shield for not doing enough to fight terrorism pity Crenshaw, and Omar.

You’re able to watch the 20-second clip of Omar here.

In the clip, she informs CAIR (the Council of American-Islamic Relations) that:

CAIR was founded after 9/11, since they recognized that some folks did some thing and that all people were beginning to shed access into our civil liberties.

According to her, a terrorist assault is “some people did something”, and also her concern of a terrorist attack that killed 3000 Americans is the loss of civil liberties faced by Muslims.

Dan Crenshaw saw the clip, also he tweeted that this .

First Member of Congress to ever describe terrorists that murdered thousands of Americans on 9/11 as”a few men and women who did something”.


I have direct experience, although just to be clear, I understand that not all Muslims talk like this. They re all Muslims. You can find good Muslims who believe in freedom and even help America fight overseas. I read about the Muslims who helps us fight radical Islam. But in addition, there are some who don ’ t enjoy Jews, don ’ t like liberty, and don ’ t like America. They and I’ve met in my own family.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came from Dan Crenshaw, matching her experience fighting terrorism as a bartender and host contrary to the Navy SEAL who lost an eye when fighting with terrorism. Crenshaw earned 2 Bronze Stars (one with Valor), the Purple Heart, and the Navy Commendation Medal with Valor.

She tweeted into Dan Crenshaw:

You refuse to cosponsor the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund, nevertheless have the audacity to drum bitterness towards Ilhan w/completely out-of-context quotes.

At 2018, right-wing extremists were supporting almost ALL US domestic terrorist killings. Why don’t you go do something?

That’s right, Ms. Bartender-Waitress, or whatever your name is. You inform that unworthy Navy SEAL who lost an eye fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan to fight terrorism. Feel free to make up facts about terrorism.

Young people now. Wow.

This is actually the Democrat Party, folks. Half of America thinks they ought to maintain power. Which is when it’s election time, you want to do more than just vote. You need to go post signs, have a bumper sticker, and work a phone bank. Since we can’t have overgrown kids who were born rich, and have achieved nothing their lives, running this country.

What’s CAIR?

So, who is CAIR? CAIR is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an unindicted co-conspirator at a criminal case concerning fundraising for the Islamic terrorist group.

The FBI has been devoting its ties amid mounting signs that it’s links, with the nation Muslim advocacy group, the Council about American-Islamic Relations.

All chapters of CAIR are shunned in a 15-year FBI investigation that culminated with the certainty in December of Hamas fundraisers in a trial where CAIR itself was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator’s aftermath.

Even the U.S. government has given Hamas as a terrorist organization.

The FBI worked closely with CAIR to ensure that no one had been critical of Islam in America. According to former attorney general Loretta Lynch, her “biggest fear” wasn’t that Americans would be killed in a terrorist attack, but the terrorist attacks would cause regular Americans to express criticism of radical Islam.

Cardinal Cupich’s Selective Justice?

From an April 6 letter, composed by Cardinal Blase Cupich, published in the Archdiocese of Chicago’s website:

Dear Parishioners of San José Luis Sánchez del Río,

I advised you of this accusation against your pastor, Fr last August. Gary Graf, also that, in keeping with our procedures, he was asked to resign from his duties prior to a comprehensive evaluation and process could be finished. He has cooperated with civil authorities as well as the Archdiocese of Chicago during those months, even letting you know that you should have confidence in the procedures the archdiocese has in place as part of the secure surroundings attempts.

Following the conclusion by country officials, that are charged with the protection of minors, the allegation of child abuse has been unfounded and also a recent court decision that found him not guilty of other associated charges, the Independent Review Board of the Archdiocese of Chicago researched the issue based on our standard processes and discovered that there was insufficient reason to suspect that Fr. Graf had perpetrated sexual abuse of a minor. I am very happy to inform you that I’m reinstating Fr. Graf as your own leader effective immediately[.] …

I advised Fr. Graf that our policies call us to do everything possible to restore the fantastic name of priests once the process has decided that the allegations to be unfounded. This is an issue of justice. So, both out of respect for Fr. Our priests and graf, I’m resolved to see that Fr. Graf name is revived. I will share this letter with all the parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago, requesting them to offer it to their own parishioners. This correspondence will be delivered to the press and published on our archdiocesan website.

A matter of justice, indeed.

It’s too awful Cupich was not nearly as only. Kalchik’s”crime”? Back in September 2018, he allowed the burning of an old rainbow banner in his parish, Resurrection, that had a history of activism. In fact, a previous leader of Resurrection, the gay Father Daniel Montalbano,”was discovered dead in his rectory bedroom hooked up into some’sex machine’ in 1997,” based on a Sept. 28, 2018 story in LifeSiteNews.

The burning of this rainbow banner led to an outcry from local left-wing activists, such as an openly gay attorney who’s now Chicago’s mayor-elect, Lori Lightfoot. Cupich — forced from his parish kalchik — himself a victim of sexual abuse by a priest as well as to my understanding, remains in exile.

And it’s too terrible Cupich wasn’t nearly as only with Father C. Frank Phillips, Chairman of St. John Cantius Church, that gives the traditional Latin Mass.. Phillips also was never accused of the abuse of a minor. Back in March 2018he was removed for alleged”improper conduct with adult men.” A review board then found that Phillips hadn’t violated canon law, or any civil, criminal. In spite of this finding, Cupich refused to reinstate Phillips as pastor, and also the archdiocese never gave a reason as to why. Phillips, a member of the Congregation of the Resurrection, currently resides in a different state.

So why is Cupich currently doing all possible to restore Graf’s good name — and, yes, he must do this for a priest accused — although maybe perhaps not for Kalchik and Phillips?

Call me skeptical, but there’s this piece of advice from that an April 7 narrative from the Chicago Sun-Times that may provide a big clue:

Graf created news when he declared a hunger strike in support of immigrants [sic] and of’dreamers.’

If Phillips and Kalchik was famous for participating in activism that is politically correct, they’d still be priests in good standing at the Archdiocese of Chicago.

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Postulator tells Italian TV of report that Carlo Acutis’ body is incorrupt

“Computer geek” was held by Pope Francis as a model for youth in navigating the world of the World Wide Web

Peter Kwasniewski compositions to have world premiere in London this Triduum

PRESS RELEASE from the Latin Mass Society

This Week of the earliest services from the Catholic Church including a Sacred Music World Premiere of chant and polyphony.

Starting on’Spy Wednesday’ together with the ancient office The Latin Mass Society will celebrate Holy Week with a wealth of

New Book Sacred Betrayal Highlights Corruption of Cardinal Maradiaga

Martha Alegria Reichman is the widow of the late Alejandro Vallardes, who served as the ambassador. She recently released a book the pioneer of this pope’s council of a figure associated with scandal plus cardinal-advisers. The publication, entitled Holy Betrayal, is now available only in Spanish, however Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register interviewed the writer about Maradiaga, and she has some interesting things to say.

Maradiaga, she explained, advised her in creating a financial investment together using what afterwards appeared to be a deceitful London-based investor who “disappeared with all their lifetime savings. ” Maradiaga, she said in a independent interview with Pentin this past year, had promised her and her husband,”I have looked into it. It’s safe, that is why I spent all of the money of this diocese.”

Alegria had known the cardinal for almost 40 years.

In that interview, Alegria advised Pentin:

What I’d like is to obtain justice somehow or other. All I want is justice. I hope in God and he’ll know how to heal my wounds which are very painful and deep. He’ll know how to cure the emotional harm I have suffered, how I could move on in life without that money, since we lost all our savings… We have got nothing left. All this is known by the Cardinal, but he’s not the slightest guilt.

I would like to make clear that I’m not the only victim. … We’re many victims and the common factor is that we’ve all had any issue with Auxiliary Bishop Juan Pineda [who’s accused of sexual and financial misconduct]. It is clear to us that anyone who touches Pineda is evidenced by [Cardinal] Rodriguez [Maradiaga].

This book appears to be the first step in obtaining that justice.

In her new interview, Alegria states that following the betrayal of her family by Maradiaga, she “found a dark side in him” and she “could not reside in peace and serenity” to the rest of her lifetime “without having made this people denunciation. ”

“My Christian, ethical, and ethical principles,” she tells Pentin, “didn’t let me keep quiet about these terrible things — which would happen to be responsible for a cover-up; as to announce what I understand and what they have done to me is not only a right that I have, but a duty; because I’m a casualty of the corrupt system that reigns in the current papacy. ”

She states that she speaks also of the experiences of others, “since the wicked succeed once the righteous are silent; and himself is being mocked. ”

On the topic of Bishop Pineda — whom Vatican journalist Marco Tosatti called as the “right-hand man of Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga” till he was made to resign after allegations he molested seminarians — Alegria says the Vatican “maneuvered so Maradiaga would not be officially abbreviated as Pineda’s concealer; that way he could be kept in the ‘council of cardinals.’ ”

“The Pope,” she states has collaborated contrary to cover-ups on very few occasions when the pressure is extremely powerful, as occurred in Chile. In Honduras, By comparison, the cardinal gets the media in his favour, and they don’t report any of those denunciations from him. ”

“I am “ to, a widow, ” she goes . It seems that Christ’s instructions have gone out of fashion and also the devil reigns. ”

Alegria says that Maradiaga acts with impunity and runs a “dictatorship in the diocese” — since “he’s the absolute support of somebody who is Pope Francis. ”

“Everybody reads my novel,” Alegria predicts, “will be surprised and convinced of this because of everything I tell there, I show, and Maradiaga will no more have the ability to keep on stating his hackneyed phrases: ‘They are calumnies’; ‘They attack me so as to attack the Pope.’ ” She intends to prove his corruption, but not merely to maintain it:

I do not say anything. I do not leave anything in the air. It is shown by me, if I say the jet was not our friend. I establish it if I say my husband was the person who had the idea and carried it out, for him to become a cardinal. If I state that at Rome they are demanding the removal of Maradiaga while in Honduras there’s a cover-up for him, I reveal it. There are revelations and extremely strong accusations, but once all, I provide the evidence. So nothing is invented or exaggerated. What is more, there are because I don’t have the proof and I didn’t include them.

Considering plagued by scandal how central an answer to the corruption at Rome during the current pontificate and Maradiaga was, I hope that her novel has its effect. It will no doubt be of interest.

Read Pentin’s entire discussion using Alegria here.

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An Anchor in the Waves: The Old Me Is Never Coming Back

It’s been interesting to observe the development in the way that people have reacted to my conversion to the Catholic faith. 1 year ago, on public statement of my plan to be received in the Church, I was met with near universal service if not encouragement by people of different belief systems. The more I spent Catholic, the further I discovered that the same people that were supportive began to flip me, one by one. Their criticisms of me have ranged from rebukes to contempt and mockery — but with the exact same complaint.

I decided I was going to be Catholic, and that I supposed it, and I guess that is the problem. From what I believe — as I heard them with increased depth and comprehension, I just vocalized truths as time moved on, I never professed another variant of Catholicism. Could that be the natural progression for any man who professes adherence to some worldview that is out himself? Apparently not! I discovered fast that in the world’s opinion, I was welcome to think whatever I desired, provided I never thought my beliefs were accurate.

Take this quotation by humanist New Testament scholar Bart

Allow me to also stress I don’t feel that all religion is oppressive and that I am not opposed to faith . I also feel that people ought to be free to embrace whatever spiritual or non-religious views they select whether they are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Pagan, agnostic, humanist, or atheist, as long as they do not utilize their spiritual or non-religious views to flourish, oppress, or hurt others. I’m opposed to each sort of fundamentalism and also to strident ideology Though I am not opposed to religion.

It’s easy for me to forget that not everyone presumes that one fact needs to exist and that anything which contradicts this one truth must therefore be fictitious . Although I stuck to get a time to a sort of pseudo-Teilhardian nightmare of collective human evolution toward fact (mostly because of fear that the fact may be unknowable within an individual level), I never guessed that one truth must exist.

In our era, in which the great majority of us are infected by Modernism starting virtually in infancy, it’s easy to shed sight of the simplest fundamentals of logic. I accepted the idea of objective truth in concept, probably in no small part due to my dad’s Eastern Orthodox influence in my formative years, and nevertheless, in my practice, I cast myself into the damning fires of vital immanence.

Divine Revelation was useful to me. It supplied props and costumes to infuse my story into humanity’s great epic, or to tell my story in detail. I took that which was useful and ignored the remainder in whichever faith I had been”exploring” at the time. I started the process anew and proceeded on to another religion — because it did when I understood exotic-and-trendy Islam is morally repulsive or the old-and-mystical Wicca was invented in the 20th century — when this approach became hopeless. It had been an exhausting way to live.

I had never heard of Saint Thomas Aquinas’s disagreements for the necessity of Divine Revelation. The very idea of Divine Revelation since Divine Revelation was lost on me, regardless of my upbringing. I tried to string together a raft amid the tempest since the magnificent Ark sailed by, blinded to my Savior always reaching out His hand to pull me into quiet, warmth, and safety.

The Truth would like to be known. This was what I had to understand, and it was only by the grace of God that I ever came to this realization. And wouldn’t Truth need to get known? The sun will grow While I awaken in the early hours. While I knock a mug off the desk, it is going to fall below the ground. It appears that chaos is about us, but the hectic events of and nature life fall to an order. This is inescapable. Everything we encounter points for this when it can be difficult to determine .

Months before my transformation, I saw Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire tweet which”Constraint breeds imagination.” I have scarcely seen a use of three words! When artwork was restricted to aesthetic standards, we created things, and we understood they were beautiful. When art was freed of them, we worked to convince ourselves and scribbled like gorillas that were trained. We see this exact identical collapse happening in fashion, and architecture, music, etiquette, to mention nothing.

Would the way we believe, and the manner in which we should think, be different? If the matters surfaced sequence , why do Truth Himself fall quiet? This is simple to get a child to grasp and also nearly impossible for the philosophers we’ve become. The mark of intelligence today is to become “free-thinker,” not to be mistaken with a truth-seeker, for they discuss no commonality.

Even a”free-thinking” man is smart only insofar as he disdains orderas his coffee mug drops into the ground and the afternoon sunlight shines on. A”free-thinking” man believes he is better off since he is not restricted by dogma. He does not need to deign to match his ideas because he has all of them, he’s nothing, and he also has them all. He’s his own god, and also a god, for he is the very first to admit that he is not infallible and might be wrong about anything and maybe everything!

A recent correspondence from a former colleague and friend, very considerate and very depressing, finished with this:”We miss the older Stef. The dogmatic one” Well, I don’t miss her, and I’m afraid she is never coming back. That I do not miss my independence from dogma, although I miss folks I miss communities I used to be a part of. I really don’t miss grasping in the dark, desperate to figure out if the sky is purple and what I had to know about being human, so draining my limited emotional and intellectual energy.

I love my morning coffee, I watch the attractiveness of the new sun of your day, I think about things that matter, and that I always try my very best to create things which are lovely. It’s not my job to help folks get comfy because they drown in a abyss of confusion and relativism. It took 25 years for me to fulfill a single Catholic who troubled to stretch out a hand. It could be spitting in the face of my Savior to perform the same if I know closely how it feels if your spirit is dead.

Above all, I will continue to rejoice at the gentle chains that bind me. No matter how tough life has, I have the Truth, therefore I’ve got everything. That is dogma. That’s real freedom. After a lifetime adrift, it seems pretty wonderful to have an anchor in waves.

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