Love: A Proclamation to the World

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Love: A Proclamation to the World


Now ’s Proclamation is courtesy of bestselling author Mette Ivie Harrison.

I proclaim to my loved ones of Latter-day Saints today that it is the value of previous generations, all future generations and that love will be the principle of the world, and most of the creation. The love of Christ is the basis of all that we do as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It’s what teaches us to get the divine in ourselves. It’s what enables us to see others and ourselves more clearly. It’s the thing that empowers us to become much better people: more learned, more compassionate, more understanding, more expansive in our perspectives, more educated, kinder, and capable of serving others –without superiority or judgment.

Every human beings are innately capable of love. Though it may feel in this modern age that hate is becoming a lot more commonplace and can be more tempting, I call on a lot of Saints to resist the desire to see others as evil, to learn how to listen with a true attempt to understand and to see that the light of Christ from the eyes of all those around us. I call on our community to perform better at refusing to encourage the rhetoric of”us” and”them” to make our community larger and more welcoming. I call us to consider the methods by which we’re complicit in damaging those in our area and people without, either by our societal media articles, by our political votesour economic choices, our assumptions on othersour words in person, our inaction and urge to look away from pain and pretend that it isn’t about us.

In the premortal realmwe covenanted with one another to bear one another’s burdens, to comfort those who stood in need of relaxation, to mourn with those who mourn, and all of us have a duty to do our best to continue to preserve those covenants, that Latter-day Saints take upon themselves at baptism, and each week as we all partake of the holy Sacrament. I admit that we must do better than thinking of a certain number of hours of service as”sufficient,” because we’ve fulfilled some record that’s been given to us from our leaders.

I ask that every one of us spend some time contemplating ways that are deeper to think about the inequality of our present system, and to serve. I direct Latter-day Saint to reread the Book of Mormon and to ponder the scriptures concerning the most way in which money divides the rich from the poor and the cycle of pride. Understand who Christ ministered to and after that. Christ was and is no respecter of persons. Are you currently living up to his title and His case? Are you currently really able to see that cash does not mark us chosen of god, which members of our community have Christ’s entire body? Can we understand that we have need of all of the areas of the body of Christ, noses, eyes, necks, hands, feet, and on and on? Not one of us is far much more significant than the next. Those who are rich have to learn from those who are not.

Parents have a responsibility to raise their children. We have to teach them to observe the light of Christ in all over them. Bullying can not be part of our communities, either in school, at play at on the internet, church or at any other type. Parents will be held responsible for not teaching their children to find others as equal, and due to their own activities.

I call on men and women to consider the ways in which racism and systemic sexism stop us from achieving the realm of heaven . We must not diminish. We have to work to see the capacities. We have to learn to get taught from the lowliest of circumstance and heart as we’d be by any other. When we’re distracted from the things of the world, god isn’t delighted with us.

I call to rethink their bias against gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and members of the community. Christ asked all to come unto Him, of every race and sex, each sexuality and identity. We are all His children. We all need to join to turn into his folks in truth in addition to in name. We must reconsider the means in which we ask our religious allies to be themselves for our comfort. We plan to deal with the rejection of the world in order to do what is appropriate and must raise our heads. This is the chief spirit that we are in danger of losing.

We are falling short of the purpose to build Zion here. We are focused too much on building instead a building and filling it. We spend being tired and a lot of the time running, filling our lives rather than giving up ourselves to God. We must do better.

I call on all those reading this to commit to endure as a witness of their love of all the things and God in all times and all areas. That is what it means to become a Child of God. This is what it really means to be Christian. Let’s be better. Let’s be filled with His love.

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