Top Vatican diplomat grants interview to Chinese Communist tabloid

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Top Vatican diplomat grants interview to Chinese Communist tabloid

HONG KONG — The Vatican’s top diplomat told Chinese press which Vatican-Beijing talks are focused on achieving concrete results s while avoiding differences between the two “ systems, Catholics. ”

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of state, granted a private interview Global Times, an international Scots run from the ruling Chinese Communist Party, reported

Global Times‘s unique correspondent Francesco Sisci and staff reporter Zhang Yu originally focused questions about the provisional agreement between the Vatican and Beijing seeing bishop appointments, also signed Sept. 22.

In the meeting, Parolin explained the arrangement is a point between the two parties.

There is assurance that a new period of collaboration is now able to be opened for the benefit of the Chinese Catholic community along with the stability of the society,” Parolin explained.

“The channels of communication have been currently functioning well. There are elements which reveal an greater trust between the two sides,” he explained. “We are inaugurating a process that will have to be developed through the years and that looks positive, but which, for the time being, gives us hope that we can gradually arrive at concrete results. ”

The research pointed out that which wasn’t being discussed with officials.

The Holy See and “ China are not discussing theories about their various systems, nor do they really need to reopen questions which by today belong to history,” he said. We are searching for practical alternatives which offer a positive contribution for their country and concern the lives of real people who desire to practice their religion. ”

One of those Global Times questions has been directed at critics of this arrangement.

“There is some opposition to this Vatican’s conversation with the Chinese authorities. What is your take on the resistance and what could you say into the opponents within the Church? ” that the Global Times requested.

“Many questions need to be dealt with, and we are facing them with determination and openness. I am well aware that no one has … was worked out by it but that I may also say we are committed to finding.

Criticisms which come in places that are prejudiced and that appear to seek to maintain old accounts are another matter,” he said.

Throughout the meeting, the cardinal explained the Vatican can collaborate with the Chinese authorities on issues of global importance like environmental emergencies and peace initiatives.

Pope Francis sees “China not just as a excellent culture but also as a nation, rich in intellect and history. ”

The interview disappointed some Catholics in mainland China, who said Parolin was praising their regime ’’s Communist Party s propaganda outlets.

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