Month: May 2019

Believing is Living

Pope encourages Catholics to join ecumenical prayer campaign

ROME — In a video recorded over the archbishop of Canterbury’s phone, Pope Francis encouraged Catholics to combine the Thy Kingdom Come” prayer campaign May.

Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury, spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion, used his phone when both met at the Vatican April 32, to record the message.

Welby along with Archbishop John Sentamu of York started the effort that was Ascension-to-Pentecost to encourage their faithful on praying that the more individuals would come to understand Jesus to focus for 11 times.

Ever since that time, the prayer campaign has gone global and ecumenical.

“we’re praying that the Spirit could inspire us and equip us to share the great news of Jesus Christ along with our families and friends, our communities and networks,” according to the site.

Welby asked on praying to get the Support of the Holy Spirit, Francis to comment.

“‘Come ’ this is the cry in the times ” the pope said.

The risk of having hearts operate that “become smaller and closed he stated, but it s one ’ s heart expands and also takes a big breath when the Holy Spirit is invited by a person .

In the video, Francis also insisted the Spirit will expand our hearts and the center of the Church, from within, so that we could make decisions and with peace and farsightedness. ”

Catholic Butcher Serves God and Neighbor Through Love for Meat

By Alexandra Greeley | Wrapped into a red butcher’therefore apron, sausage-maker Lothar Erbe trimmed, cubed and seasoned 25-plus lbs of steak and pork. He then unloaded the meat into the grinder, producing the basics for his…

Wisdom, gratitude, healing, fellowship: A military family’s journey to Lourdes

Lourdes, France, May 18, 2019 / 12:00 pm (CNA). – Every pilgrim into Lourdes has reasons and their own motives . With an additional elegance: a family reunion, the International Military Pilgrimage came for the Mayors.

Captain Mark E. Mayor and Captain Matthew N. Mayor are identical twins. Both have served for a decade in the U.S. Army. They currently live a country apart while both have been stationed together before . Mark is stationed at Germany, at USAG Wiesbaden. Matthew is stationed at Ft. Jackson, SC, but is still also a student at Northwestern University throughout the Army Advanced Civil Schooling program.

This past year, Malori, his wife and Mark, were both pilgrims about the Warriors. Malori, a registered nurse, volunteered on the health care team, assisted with helping wounded pilgrims, and played the violin at Mass throughout the weekend. All three of the Mayors made the trip.

Malori and mark told CNA that they are currently taking a different approach towards this year’s pilgrimage. This past yearthey stated they came with a “spiritual schedule,” and were praying for a specific intention. They stated they are coming to Lourdes with the attitude of gratitude, and will be more relaxed about the encounter.

“Coming with an agenda, however, was something I believe was an error, a year ago,” said Mark. He intends to seek wisdom, something that he believes he and his wife were granted last year, this season.

Throughout the 2018 pilgrimage, Malori and Mark were praying they’d conceive a child. This did not occur, but Malori believes she obtained the gift of courage to break the stigma and taboo of infertility. She used her website to inform her readers and to share stories.

“I believe that’s exactly what we needed, that was our miracle for last calendar year, even though we arrived with a schedule, God gave us the knowledge to seek the appropriate resources,” said Mark. “I feel that’s the important takeaway with this pilgrimage.”

Malori is currently expecting their first child, who is expected in January 2020.

“Before I became pregnant, however, I was sort of reflecting on last year’s encounter at Lourdes, also realizing that I need to come here using another stance, a different attitude; not’give me what I need, right now, within my deadline ,’ but to only come with gratitude,” she explained.

This correlation is “not always for infertility–that would be very, very hard to be thankful for that cross ,” but instead for the way she and her husband have grown through this adventure together.

Matthew told CNA that he had learned of these Warriors to Lourdes pilgrimage by his brother and sister-in-law, and was inspired to use for this season. He said that he’s seeking healing for mental and bodily wounds, and that he came having a open mind into Lourdes.

“My only expectation is to come here with the attitude of appreciation, to be thankful for all the blessings that I have in my own life at this time,” explained Matthew.  Matthew also clarified that he’s looking forward to fellowship with members of their military, as the transition from living on a base to residing within the civilian world can be obscure and lonely. The chance to interact with others is “a massive deal for me, to have this fellowship” he said.

Both Matthew and Mark have endured in their time in the army, and the two have been diagnosed with having post-traumatic stress. Mark also undergone a traumatic brain injury. They spoke about the significance of human interaction with members of the military after they have returned home, as they believe this is vital to preventing and curing mental illnesses that many soldiers encounter.

When a member of the army returns residence, Mark explainedthey are “separated by the tribe,” ” which could trigger depression and other mental wounds. The International Military Pilgrimage is a therapeutic experience for the pilgrims and is a means for people to “ get the tribe ”. And as the pilgrims are from other branches of the army and from different countries, the fact comforts Mark that they are all in Lourdes to worship God.

“We all celebrate one Catholic religion,” said Mark. “It’s just something I find it really humbling.”

Lourdes is famed for its bathrooms, which have generated 70 verified healings, and hundreds of remedies. The Mayors state they have been profoundly touched by their adventures taking a dip from the ice-cold water.

Malori said that it came with a sense of calmness and called her trip to the bathrooms “ life-changing, ”. Matthew agreed, saying it was an “diverse and highly effective experience. ”

“My goals were for continued healing in mind, body, and spirit, and also for the grace of continuing wisdom to fulfill and refill my nicely of fortitude,” explained Matthew. He said he was grateful and thanked God for being gift for him at that moment.  

All agreed that Lourdes is a special location, which the accession of the pilgrims attending the International Military Pilgrimage only increases town’s unique sense of holiness.

“Minus all the people coming here with illnesses and wheelchairs, perhaps this is a tiny bit of what such as Heaven is,” stated Malori. “Everyone’s so peaceful and these different countries coming together in the army pilgrimage–maybe this is like a taste of the.”


Love: A Proclamation to the World


Now ’s Proclamation is courtesy of bestselling author Mette Ivie Harrison.

I proclaim to my loved ones of Latter-day Saints today that it is the value of previous generations, all future generations and that love will be the principle of the world, and most of the creation. The love of Christ is the basis of all that we do as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It’s what teaches us to get the divine in ourselves. It’s what enables us to see others and ourselves more clearly. It’s the thing that empowers us to become much better people: more learned, more compassionate, more understanding, more expansive in our perspectives, more educated, kinder, and capable of serving others –without superiority or judgment.

Every human beings are innately capable of love. Though it may feel in this modern age that hate is becoming a lot more commonplace and can be more tempting, I call on a lot of Saints to resist the desire to see others as evil, to learn how to listen with a true attempt to understand and to see that the light of Christ from the eyes of all those around us. I call on our community to perform better at refusing to encourage the rhetoric of”us” and”them” to make our community larger and more welcoming. I call us to consider the methods by which we’re complicit in damaging those in our area and people without, either by our societal media articles, by our political votesour economic choices, our assumptions on othersour words in person, our inaction and urge to look away from pain and pretend that it isn’t about us.

In the premortal realmwe covenanted with one another to bear one another’s burdens, to comfort those who stood in need of relaxation, to mourn with those who mourn, and all of us have a duty to do our best to continue to preserve those covenants, that Latter-day Saints take upon themselves at baptism, and each week as we all partake of the holy Sacrament. I admit that we must do better than thinking of a certain number of hours of service as”sufficient,” because we’ve fulfilled some record that’s been given to us from our leaders.

I ask that every one of us spend some time contemplating ways that are deeper to think about the inequality of our present system, and to serve. I direct Latter-day Saint to reread the Book of Mormon and to ponder the scriptures concerning the most way in which money divides the rich from the poor and the cycle of pride. Understand who Christ ministered to and after that. Christ was and is no respecter of persons. Are you currently living up to his title and His case? Are you currently really able to see that cash does not mark us chosen of god, which members of our community have Christ’s entire body? Can we understand that we have need of all of the areas of the body of Christ, noses, eyes, necks, hands, feet, and on and on? Not one of us is far much more significant than the next. Those who are rich have to learn from those who are not.

Parents have a responsibility to raise their children. We have to teach them to observe the light of Christ in all over them. Bullying can not be part of our communities, either in school, at play at on the internet, church or at any other type. Parents will be held responsible for not teaching their children to find others as equal, and due to their own activities.

I call on men and women to consider the ways in which racism and systemic sexism stop us from achieving the realm of heaven . We must not diminish. We have to work to see the capacities. We have to learn to get taught from the lowliest of circumstance and heart as we’d be by any other. When we’re distracted from the things of the world, god isn’t delighted with us.

I call to rethink their bias against gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and members of the community. Christ asked all to come unto Him, of every race and sex, each sexuality and identity. We are all His children. We all need to join to turn into his folks in truth in addition to in name. We must reconsider the means in which we ask our religious allies to be themselves for our comfort. We plan to deal with the rejection of the world in order to do what is appropriate and must raise our heads. This is the chief spirit that we are in danger of losing.

We are falling short of the purpose to build Zion here. We are focused too much on building instead a building and filling it. We spend being tired and a lot of the time running, filling our lives rather than giving up ourselves to God. We must do better.

I call on all those reading this to commit to endure as a witness of their love of all the things and God in all times and all areas. That is what it means to become a Child of God. This is what it really means to be Christian. Let’s be better. Let’s be filled with His love.

No Chinese translation of the Global Times interview with Cardinal Parolin (AsiaNews)

The Vatican Secretary of State touted That the Beijing-Vatican deal in a recent interview with the Communist Party newspaper.

Top Vatican diplomat grants interview to Chinese Communist tabloid

HONG KONG — The Vatican’s top diplomat told Chinese press which Vatican-Beijing talks are focused on achieving concrete results s while avoiding differences between the two “ systems, Catholics. ”

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of state, granted a private interview Global Times, an international Scots run from the ruling Chinese Communist Party, reported

Global Times‘s unique correspondent Francesco Sisci and staff reporter Zhang Yu originally focused questions about the provisional agreement between the Vatican and Beijing seeing bishop appointments, also signed Sept. 22.

In the meeting, Parolin explained the arrangement is a point between the two parties.

There is assurance that a new period of collaboration is now able to be opened for the benefit of the Chinese Catholic community along with the stability of the society,” Parolin explained.

“The channels of communication have been currently functioning well. There are elements which reveal an greater trust between the two sides,” he explained. “We are inaugurating a process that will have to be developed through the years and that looks positive, but which, for the time being, gives us hope that we can gradually arrive at concrete results. ”

The research pointed out that which wasn’t being discussed with officials.

The Holy See and “ China are not discussing theories about their various systems, nor do they really need to reopen questions which by today belong to history,” he said. We are searching for practical alternatives which offer a positive contribution for their country and concern the lives of real people who desire to practice their religion. ”

One of those Global Times questions has been directed at critics of this arrangement.

“There is some opposition to this Vatican’s conversation with the Chinese authorities. What is your take on the resistance and what could you say into the opponents within the Church? ” that the Global Times requested.

“Many questions need to be dealt with, and we are facing them with determination and openness. I am well aware that no one has … was worked out by it but that I may also say we are committed to finding.

Criticisms which come in places that are prejudiced and that appear to seek to maintain old accounts are another matter,” he said.

Throughout the meeting, the cardinal explained the Vatican can collaborate with the Chinese authorities on issues of global importance like environmental emergencies and peace initiatives.

Pope Francis sees “China not just as a excellent culture but also as a nation, rich in intellect and history. ”

The interview disappointed some Catholics in mainland China, who said Parolin was praising their regime ’’s Communist Party s propaganda outlets.

We are an Easter people

Daily Easter Reflections: For several years I kept a note on my refrigerator that proclaimed the concept:”We are an Easter people” I was sent the note out of a parishioner, a mother of 13 and grandmother of more, who had been residing with advanced-stage breast feeding at the time the card was first written.

Commission urges Trump administration to raise religious freedom in China trade talks (Religion Clause)

“Even the communist Chinese government’s brutal effort to ‘sinicize’ all of religions is one of the worst abuses of religious freedom occurring now,” stated Gary Bauer, a member of this United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.

The issue of truth looms large in American politics

Distinctly Catholic: If you were to ask the public if they believed their political leaders were honest, then you can bet that nearly all of them would be cynical and contemptuous, and not without reason.

Welcome to ‘Catholic Baby University’: Unique Program Prepares Expectant Parents

By Roxanne King | Denver residents Natalie and Jack Schutzius are expecting their first baby in May, nearly a week after their one-year wedding anniversary. To prepare for their baby’so arrival, they all…